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The Theory of Human Things

This book can help a person make better decisions and be wiser by:

  • gaining a better understanding of life.
  • helping a person make better judgements in their daily encounters.
  • giving a general blueprint/road map for a person’s life.
  • working as a guide for common human behaviours and interactions.
  • emphasizing the importance of being civil and equitable.
  • showing the benefits of constructive and practical behaviours within society.

Having knowledge is one thing, but transforming knowledge into behaviour presents difficulties at times. The positive daily life behaviours a reader demonstrates by putting them into practice will be evidence of what they have absorbed from this book.  The impact of such constructive behaviour will be shown in the lives and experiences of yourself, others, groups, and the environment.

People say “Education is expensive, try ignorance”.  I say “The most expensive form is ignorantly educated and educated ignorance”.
This book is one of the most important books in the history of humankind on Earth.

It is a theory so simple that you will want to read it more than once.

It answers some of decades old and hundreds of years old dilemmas.  I can guarantee after reading this book (more than once), you will understand life better, and that is a conservative claim.


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