As previously mentioned, irrational behaviour often yield negative effects.  One of the severe negative effect is being harmful.  Smoking weed is the textbook example of irrational behaviour bringing harmful effects to self and others. 

Weed users (exclude medical users) often overlook the negative effects because it can temporary make them feel “good”, or only cherry pick the “benefit” to package smoking weed as beneficial. 

THC is the addictive substance in cannabis, and high potency can be risky, says Rieb. High potency can result in psychosis and THC can cause increased anxiety and panic, even though many believe they smoke cannabis to help with that. THC also often creates heart palpitations, hallucination, paranoia and can be memory impairing, says Rieb.

The other component, CBD, has positive benefits.  That is true.  But, it will NOT cancel out the harm brought by THC.  It will NOT be THC = -4 and CBD = +6 so, smoking one joint will have a +2 benefit.  Not to mention the harm to other people as 2nd hand smoke and 3rd hand smoke. 

One thing damages your mental health and my book helps your mental health.  Both can have permanent impact for your life.

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