What is expensive/costly?

Average Canadian spend on lottery is ~160 Cad/year.

Average American spend on lottery is ~220 Usd/year.

Does that spending make a person understand Money better or earn more money?

Average Canadian spend on weed is ~1200 Cad/year, on alcohol is ~755 Cad/year, on cigarettes is ~1000 to 5000+ Cad/year.

Average American spend on weed is ~1000 Usd/year, on alcohol is ~970 Usd/year, on cigarettes is ~1000 to 5000+ Usd/year

Forget about physical health.  Do those spending make a person overall emotionally healthier? 

It doesn’t matter how old a person is, who the person is, and where the person is at, inability to do a good judgement can always cost (not just in terms of money) more, inability to be efficient can always cost more, inability to do wisely can always cost more.  Any major misjudgement, ineffective, unwise action in any aspect of life will always be costly.

It’s time to be wiser and do wiser.