Everyone has their strength and weakness and depends on the level of such strength, some will be in the position of superiority in certain area.  For example, Usain Bolt has superiority in running speed.  Michael Jordan has superiority in Basketball.  Ted Williams has superiority in hitting a baseball.  etc. etc.

People has superiority due to their abilities in the said field.  Skin colour aka melantonin difference on the skin got nothing to do with the performance.  Skin colour won’t help treating people correctly, skin colour won’t help a person’s judgement or wisdom, nor help a person comprehend life better.

Fabricate about the fake superiority of a skin colour difference or melatonin difference to prop up the feeling of “superiority” is just conning/hypnotizing self away from the reality.  Oppressing others to make self “superior” is just self admitting the actual weakness hence the required method of oppression.  It is like needing handicap to be better.  Trying to make certain melatonin superior by default will only find it is an illusion once the person realize they are being duped.  All REAL superiority do not require entitlement.

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