Personal relationship is a form of cooperation except it is much less “business” like and more personal preferential.  It contains more of team elements than business partners’.  Finding the right “teammate” is everything.

Since everyone is different, the love will be different and the right person will be different as well.  It requires a great deal of compatibility which is what fits for a person’s love.  The better the compatibility, the higher the chance of the bonding can be.  The best fitted will always be the most loved.

And like all other relationships, personal relationship requires a great deal of clear communication.

For example, personally, I only love a girl who has conservative behaviours, into conservative things, honest, loyal, an introvert, able to communicate, able to listen, has no problem to be with a possessive person, dislike drugs and smoking, dislike partying, natural no artificial addon on the body, not into drinking, has no discrimination against male gender, not a human trash (got enough human trashes to deal with not going to have one in the relationship), and able to tell what is right and what is wrong.

All couple will not be identical. 

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