There are many kinds of oppression.  Oppress for labour such as slavery.  Oppress for opportunity or justice such as discrimination.  And there is oppression of truth.

All oppression are benefits related especially money and power.  Sometimes oppression is the dirty tactic itself and sometimes oppression is a coverup of some other dirty deeds.

The oppressors can never be honest both during the oppression and the afterwards.  They will always have difficult to face the truth.  They will hardly demonstrate typical human dignity, decency or professionalism depends on what area they are oppressing.

For example, some people don’t want my works to be known and try to oppress them.  So, they can benefit from doing so and also “partly” use it as their own without my permission.  Central Okanagan School District in BC, Canada is the example of dishonestly ignoring me and partially using my ideas to combat vaping crisis as shown in this CBC news article.  Incorrectly using my idea and partially using it yield failure for them.

Another example is on this Twitter thread where I called out Catherine Montreuil (@cathymontreuil) copied my method.  I have been also saying my book is the future and she shamelessly copied and used it and call it #FutureOfLearning.  The lack of professionalism, accountability and shameless thieving is not what a leader should have.

To know correctly about what I wrote instead of cherry picked/incorrect interpretation of my work, get your own book.  Drop by the Forum if there are questions.