This book will NOT make 99.99% of readers rich overnight, healthy overnight, famous overnight, intelligent overnight, nor powerful overnight.  That is not what this book is about.  The book will help you improve judgement, wisdom, efficiency and more in various aspects of your life, and as the consequence of that, you get some of those byproducts.

For most common life example, when you make a good judgement on health long term, you will save money from sickness.  A poor judgement (depends on the severity) can always cost money, health, time, even life or lives.

Money is an important tool of human life.  The old saying Time is Money is true at most part of personal level and 100% on business level.  When a business improves its efficiency, it can makes more money and save time.  In the other words, it gains Money x2. 

At personal level, when a person improves their efficiency on whatever aspects of their lives, they also save time, save money, and/or save energy or more depends on which aspect.

Understanding Money can help you to be responsible about it and how to earn it with integrity instead of using all sorts of devious ways, such as stealing, scamming, other criminal behaviours, etc.

The book also talks about keys for making money and creating money.