In most countries, the purpose of today’s Laws and Orders are mostly protection for the citizen, corporations, the country and the way of life.   Without Laws and Orders, people will be looting, stealing, scamming, raping, attacking and killing each other all the time.  The society will be chaotic.  People will be committing all kinds of wrongdoing just because they can and because they don’t need to be held accountable to their actions.

Other things regulate people would be religion and moral (personal or group).  Not everyone believe the same religion or believe in one at all.  Not everyone has the same level of moral.  Some people are even morally bankrupted and in denial.  Laws and Orders are the only thing (in theory) that holds everyone the same accountability.

There are multiple factors for a law to be effective.  Judgement and wisdom are two of them.  Fair and just are the other.

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