All posts that have talked about misleading, misconception, wrongful doing, etc. are done by people intentionally or unintentionally.

For unintentionally, it is usually 75% due to ignorance or being unaware of, and 25% pure accident.  People just need to be wiser and have better judgement.

For intentionally, people do wrongful deeds because they make them feel better and most of time it’s because those deeds benefit them or their interests.  For these kind of criminals or people earn money to commit malicious deeds, people, laws and law enforcement personnel need to be wiser and perform better judgement.  It should always be deterred or punished accordingly.

For a live scum example that has played out from my book:

Typical uncivil, undemocratic and irrational behaviour:

1.) argue with misinformation first.

2.) When they lost, they try to insult (personal attacks) their way out of their pitiful argument.

3.) When that also failed, they fabricate slanderous lies to discredit you personally and/or your argument and use their lies as “evidence” to win such argument.

And also a clear evidence how emotion and cognitive dissonance can drive people into irrationality and committing wrongful deed intentionally.

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