Because of a short person’s height, the person can be called a midget/dwarf.  When a person is very tall, they are giant/hercules.  Giant and midget are socially constructed term to describe a person’s biological height

Person A in the graph doesn’t like the socially constructed term, midget, and find it not fitting him.  He wants to be called, hobbit, gnome, imp, leprechaun, etc.  Person D doesn’t feel giant fits him so he wants to be called a midget.  Person B or C find midget or giant can’t describe them, so they want to be called Town Folks.  Once Person C find out he is being called the same as B and think they are NOT the same, so C wants to be called Semi-Giant.  Now, another person with similarity in height attribute of Person C sees NBA is recruiting so he fills the recruiting form with Mega-Giant as the answer in Height section just because he feels it and he has attribute that giants don’t have.   These people come up different names for different bone structure configuration.  When a person inches out with couple more atoms in their body, it can be called a different name.  This is the start of meaningless (and fabricated in some cases), confusing and chaotic  personal understanding for SELF and OTHERS.  It is OPPOSITE of understanding.

Same as the gender terms; Male and Female are socially constructed terms to describe a person’s biological sex.  Different people have different configuration of attributes of biological sex.  Different people with different atom combination and amount in different biological sex.   The final products are currently standing at 7 billions+.

To say there are 100 genders would be a LIE.  There can be 10000s.  There should be billions of genders when counting the possibility of different combination of attribute in sex.  When a person feel differently or think differently, their “genders” changes again.  When those people age, their self proclaimed “genders” change again.    So the real number for “genders” is close to infinity.

Simply just using “socially construct” or “personal construct” to indicate the legitimacy of a term will never be accurate and will often be stupid and resulting idiocy due to fabrication/lies.   Not to mention when crucial moment comes, such as during some medical procedure where biological sex matters, a made up gender will screw things up.  And if a term for gender can’t describe a person’s biological sex, does such word still have any purpose or any real meaning?

 Get it.  Read it.  Become Wiser.