When a passenger, a crew member, or a pilot points out one of the jet engine is having a problem, people won’t be anger at that person.  If not, they will be glad the person did.

When a passenger, a crew member or a pilot calls out a person trying to tamper the safety of an aircraft, people won’t have an issue at that person.

Now, when witnesses/victims calling out a person’s actual crime, the result becomes not as clear especially when such person is in the higher position.  Often people even turn against the witnesses/victims.

The difference is people’s interest/benefit whether it is emotional interest/benefit, money, fame/reputation, or power, etc. that is making the outcome opposite.  Calling out the safety issue will benefit people’s life whereas calling out crimes in higher position might not due to different kinds of personal connections and direct/indirect benefit.  Hence, the coverup

Without proper judgement and wisdom (or honesty),  lack of ability to tell what is right and wrong can make people form excuses like exposing those crime would be threatening or damaging other people, group, entity or the system (if the person is high enough).  The truth and fact is, such person has actually ALREADY done things that are threatening or damaging themselves.  Covering up is just putting the heads in the sand.  Usually, it only allows and enable perpetrators to commit even more wrongdoings that threatens or damages.

Other people, group, entity or the system will always be better off without those perpetrators if not benefiting more without those corruptions.