This picture and its caption are a live example a conclusion coming from lack of judgement and wisdom.  It demonstrates shallowness and incorrectness of one’s judgement

  1. A person’s life will never be as simple as just one number.  From 0 to 9, there are only 2 times or 2 numbers out of 10 Hindu-Arabic numerals that a person might get it wrong or be “controversial”.
  2. The distinct meaning of 6 and 9 are 100% different.  It will NEVER be altered simply because a person read it with different perspective.  6 is 6.  9 is 9.  One of these two people will and must be wrong in order to really know what this number means and represents.
  3. Just because it is a perspective, it does NOT mean it is right and/or it means much (or means anything at all).  If a person has been brainwashed by propaganda of lies their whole life, everything of their lives will be wrong most of time.  Their perspectives will mean very little or nothing at all compare to the truth in the reality.

Easy example would be if you pay your parking machine for parking stall number 9 but you read it as 6, your car will get a ticket or gets tolled.  Your perspective is wrong and it means you will be paying for the misjudgement. 

To make a conclusion correct or valid, judgement, wisdom and others are required, not perspective.


To know and understand more, get yours today!  It’s time to be wiser!