Commenting, an act to responds to something or someone, always requires judgement and wisdom.  The more a comment deviate from the original subjects, the less judgement or wisdom it shows.  To make a good judgement here requires understanding of such subject.  The more a comment can be on point, the more judgement and wisdom it demonstrates.

Intentionally making a deviating comment about something or someone is just noise.  These kind of noises typically can not be back up by proof, logic, or reasoning.  Intentionally making a big deviating comment can even qualify as lying, fabrication, or smearing/slandering if the subject is a person or a person related.

Even noise in general terms is being regulated that it can not surpass certain dB or it can pollute a person’s health for being exposed too long.  Noise in commenting also means the same.  It can pollute the subject if it is too high.

What are you contributing when you comment?  Increase your judgement and wisdom to know that now!