Chia-Hsi Josh Wu was born in Kaohsiung Taiwan, R.O.C and moved to Vancouver BC, Canada at the age 15.  After Josh graduated from the high school in North Vancouver, he went to UBC for 2 years and dropped out. Following, Josh worked in insurance and financial services industry as a sales agent for couple of years.  He began writing the materials for this theory in 2013 and completed it in 2018.  He started on Facebook and twitter but his content kept getting stolen without his permission by various industries around the world.  He has influenced multiple fields and industries around the world since then, and multiple fields and industries have followed his lead.

History was his favorite subject outside of the school curriculum and physics was the subject that interested him the most in school.  However, the topics of this book highlight everyday life that every person encounters.  The age or background of the reader doesn’t matter – in this book the author has written something valuable for all.